Digital keys make it easy to give access to the people who need it. Accessy facilities an easy management of access to the right people on the correct times.

You can of course grant access with your traditional key card systems. What Accessy does though is making the process easier with an intuitive interface that is easy to understand for both administrators as well as users. On top of that, you don’t have to wait to be handed a key or a card. Instead, your access will be valid the second the administrator has granted access and then shows up in the users mobile phone.

Mobile keys will also make it easier and safer to administer access. You no longer need to be worried about lost keys. When the need for access has ceased, you can easily and effortlessly block the access with immediate effect. Naturally, you can also get a start date and end date directly when the access is being granted.

An easy and intuitive interface, both in the phone and on the web, makes it easy to manage access. Digital keys are secure and cost effective compared to their physical equivalent, both in the short term and in the long term.