Accessy & SimonsVoss Integration

Now is the time to agree on digital key management!

The world's oldest known locks were found in Nineveh in present-day Iraq. It was about 6,000 years old and the key was made of wood. Then about 1,500 years ago, locks and keys were developed entirely of metal. But since that time development has for most part stood still. Sure, some digitisation started in the 1990s, but we all still carry keys.

Yes, we are still using a thousand-year-old technology to keep us safe and secure. Admittedly, it is a refined and functional technology, but it’s still an antique technology at best. Imagine we stopped refining and developing the typewriter instead of developing the computer, you’d be reading this in a newspaper instead of your computer or mobile phone!

Imagine the following: you are not at work. You get a call from a slightly panicky employee. A delivery with one hundred kilos of ice cream has arrived at the warehouse, it is twenty-three degrees in the shade and within ten minutes it will start to thaw. And thus be destroyed. No one is in place and can let in the delivery.

As it is now, someone has to get there with a tag or key. It's like we'll have to meet someone to hand over the money you owe instead just "Swishing". Or go to a travel agency to book train tickets. It's outdated.

We believe now is the time to do something about this. The security industry demand is real, the technology exists and we at Accessy have it! Unlike the payment industry, which has painstakingly gone from cash to magnetic strip, chips, blips and ultimately mobile payments, we can take the giant leap from ancient technology to modern simplicity in a single step.

For example, imagine that you have a plumber booked at home for "sometime after 0900". Instead of sitting at home and waiting for x number of hours, you get the plumber to call you when they arrive and you then simply open the door remotely from the convenience of your office on your cell phone. Quick, easy and efficient.

It's 2021 now. We can develop new vaccines in record time, fly drones on Mars and handle virtually all everyday tasks with a mobile. It would be weird if we could not unlock doors with the cell phone?

I would therefore like to call on all players in the industry to act vigorously to make this a reality. By working together to ensure that the standard for access to properties becomes digital, we will:

  • Save huge amounts of money
  • Avoid a lot of time consuming administration
  • Facilitate the sharing of our properties
  • Increase security and avoid worrying about keys, cards and codes that circulate in the city and end up in the wrong hands
  • Make our respective businesses more efficient and user-friendly.

Are you with me?

Håkan Eriksson


Accessy AB

Phone: 070-567 89 89