Get started with Accessy

Accessy is not only more optimised and cost-effective than traditional access systems – it also creates new value for your spaces. By being able to safely and flexibly give access to your spaces, it will be easier than ever to let in guests, messengers or craftsmen.

We have ensured that your experience with Accessy will be as frictionless as possible from the beginning. Our service is compatible with existing access control systems, and we make it easy to install options if you do not already have one. Thanks to our high-security standards and technical openness, Accessy is a clear choice for professional industry partners such as property owners, installers, and app developers.

With Accessy you get a flexible and scalable service that is as modern as it is easy to use. Thanks to simple and fast integration, it is easy and affordable to join our service.

No risk of losing more keys when Accessy keeps the door open for you. Get tomorrow's smart access - today!

1. Subscribe

To sign up for a subscription, you first create a customer account by logging in to the portal with the app. Then follow the instructions.

If you have several properties or premises, we recommend that you sign up for a subscription per property or premises. Then you can share spaces with others, by inviting them and giving them access.

Those who handle access need to be administrators. Ten members and three administrators are included in the basic fee.

2. Connect spaces

To unlock doors with Accessy, they need to be connected to your subscription. You can do this in several ways.

• If the doors are handled by your access control system, one of our operating partners ensures that the access control system is ready for Accessy. Accessy can then connect to the access control system's software via an API. When the access control system is connected, you can see your doors in the portal. You can then create spaces that can be shared with others. All functions for the doors remain, such as alarms and door automation.

• When your doors are connected to your subscription, you describe them, with e.g. images and names, so that they are easy to understand for those using the app.

3. Invite users

Administrators manage the service via the app or portal. It's easy to invite new members, give access and share spaces with others.