Why choose Accessy?

The key is in your smartphone.2021-07-06T09:01:32+02:00

Accessy is a completely new app-based service that smoothly and securely opens all types of doors with your mobile. You do not have to keep track of all keys, cards and badges - your digital key is in your Accessy app. Your smartphone will be your new keychain and it is both lighter, easier to handle and easier to use.

Easy installation.2021-07-06T09:01:24+02:00

Accessy is a flexible and open system that is already integrated with most market-leading suppliers of digital locking systems. You can easily add Accessy to the system you already have and avoid costly installations. With the Accessy portal, you can easily manage and share access with others who need digital keys.

Accessy is unique in the market as it already works with the market's largest locking system. Today we are integrated with RCO, SimonsVoss, Assa, Integra, Dormakaba, Axis, Vanderbilt. If you have any of these systems, only the connection to Accessy is needed. With Accessy's open system, you thus avoid all forms of costly and laborious new installation.

Highest security level.2021-07-06T09:01:12+02:00

Security is important to you. For us, the highest priority is both digital and purely physical. Accessy is based on secure identities found in the app. You can say that there is a secure login every time the door is opened. As an administrator, you have full control over all digital keys. You can easily see who has access and it is easy to share, block, renew and track all digital keys.

How to get started.

In brief here are the most important things about how it works, what is needed, what it costs and how you can save money with Accessy.

By connecting your existing locking system.2021-07-14T10:36:06+02:00

Accessy is already integrated with the leading lock suppliers on the market, such as e.g. RCO, SimonsVoss, Assa Abloy Aptus, Assa Abloy ARX, Integra, Dormakaba, Axis Communications, and Vanderbilt. The system is connected with software from the lock provider. This is done by your installation, which is one of our partners. When it is ready and the system is "Accessy-ready", we connect and load the doors to be handled by the service.

By installing new locks.2021-05-10T13:48:01+02:00

Either you build on the existing system or you will find one that is smoother and easier to install. Accessy works in the same way regardless of which provider is chosen.

Using control units.2021-05-10T13:49:06+02:00

Use control units that are connected to the door button inputs of the access control systems or directly to the electric locks. Accessy has developed control units that are easy to install. They connect automatically when the cord is connected.

Once the system is connected and you have the Accessy app in your mobile, it remains to set up our Accessy brands. Configuring, assembling and opening a door takes only a few seconds. Then you put your mobile with the Accessy app opened against the Accessy mark on the door and the door is will unlock. Quick, easy and simple.

If you would like to know even about how it works exactly, what our security solution looks like and how easily you get started & share access to doors with other contacts then please contact us here: Contact

What does it cost?

Accessy is a subscription service offering two different options depending on your needs.


Is for handling your own connected doors. The subscription costs from SEK 395 a month which includes 1 door, 1 administrator and 60 users.

This is the option if you only have doors shared from others. The subscription costs only SEK 195 per month in basic fee and is good if you smoothly manage access to doors shared from other organizations.

Here's how to get started if you have a locking system

How does it work?2021-04-13T08:43:10+02:00

Simplified a bit, the locks are securely connected to your private part of Accessy. This is most often done by establishing a secure connection to an API that is in the locking system that handles the locks. When the locks are connected, access is given to users who have a secure key in the Accessy app. This can be done directly to users who are members of your organization, but it is also possible to hand out responsibilities to other organizations that in turn can manage their users. In the end, it will be very smooth, all you have to do is walk to the door and place your mobile phone against the Accessy brand, and the door will open. Then the service checks if the user has authorization and opens the door in a safe way.

How do I connect my locking system?2021-04-13T08:43:10+02:00

To connect Accessy to your building with locks and doors, you need a system that the service can handle. We have already integrated Accessy with the leading suppliers and more are on the way. The next step is to check that the system is Accessy-ready, which means that it needs to be the right software and licenses from the supplier, and that there is a responsibility model for operation. When this is done, the system is connected and you choose which doors can be opened. The only installation needed on an existing lock is to install an Accessy mark and program it by placing the phone against the mark. Then you only need a subscription to the service to manage all accesses and users.

Do I need a reader at the door?2021-04-13T08:43:10+02:00

No. We have "turned the system around" and use the mobile as a reader. It reads which door to open. If there is a reader, it can be left for those who still want to use cards to open.

How long does it take to install?2021-04-13T08:43:10+02:00

It depends on the condition of your locking system and whether new devices need to be installed. If everything is set up correctly, it takes a few hours to get up and running.

What happens if the internet goes down?2021-05-25T18:23:59+02:00

In that rare event, we recommend that there are always emergency routines for the doors depending on what they are used for. It can be a knob, regular key, code lock or card reader.

How to manage digital keys

How do I issue a digital key?2021-04-13T08:47:00+02:00

There are two ways. Either access is assigned to users. This is done by granting permission to a door or managing access groups with doors and users. The second variant is that a user asks for access to a door that is visible in the app. The request is approved by the person who has the right to grant access.

How do I issue access to someone outside my organisation?2021-04-13T08:47:33+02:00

You can either hand out access to other organizations and give them the right to manage their access. You can also send an invitation to the person you want to give access to directly from your own organization.

How do I know who has a digital key?2021-04-13T08:48:06+02:00

It can be seen in the portal. It shows who has access to what and who has opened the locks and also who has given access. Everything is recorded and traceable.

What if I loose my phone?2021-04-13T08:48:44+02:00

It is similar to when you have forgotten the key or access card. The mobile phone is needed to open the door. However, unlike an access card that anyone can pick up and use (non secure) the user must be signed in to to the mobile device for Accessy to work. This makes Accessy very secure.

For those who want to become a partner

How does this work with other systems?2021-04-13T08:53:32+02:00

Accessy is an open service with APIs and SDKs (Software Development Kit). There are two different types of systems that are handled.

The first category is the systems and services that have connected devices. To begin with, it is primarily about locking systems, but basically we handle all connected devices because the team behind Accessy has long experience of IoT (Internet of things). Simplified a bit, you can say that we provide secure access to resources on the web. To connect, an SDK is used where our security solution is located.

The second category is the business systems that control who has access. It can e.g. be a booking app or service order system. They use our Admin API and have an AP account, to manage access.

How to become a partner?2021-04-13T08:54:29+02:00

If you have a system or application that you want to integrate, just contact us.

If you want to become an installation and operating partner, the same applies. However, we will require that there is a functioning operating organization with expertise in how the systems are connected.

What can I gain as partner?2021-04-13T08:55:19+02:00

We have business agreements with our partners who sell and take responsibility for the operation of the systems that are connected.

If you have an business system or want to develop an app for our service, you benefit from the fact that we have gathered everything that was previously a hassle between different systems in one interface.

If you have a locking system, just hang on. We will connect more doors together.

About security and data management

How secure is it?2021-04-13T08:56:34+02:00

Accessy's security is based on the identity contained in the app. It is a certificate that is exhibited and stored in the mobile's secure space. This is where the analogy with Mobile Bank ID is found, because the corresponding technology is used.

When a door is opened, the transaction is signed by the certificate and all communication is encrypted. That way, the service keeps track of which key opens the door. When logging in to the portal, the app is used to identify the user. Here, too, is the analogy with Mobile Bank ID. The difference is that Accessy uses mobile phone numbers as identity instead of social security numbers.

How does Accessy handle data and privacy?2021-04-13T08:58:03+02:00

It is described in our terms and conditions when an account is set up and under the menu in the app.

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